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Terrible Flash Animations, Ho!
So for the past 3 years I've been going to the Australian International Animation Festival
It's a great 3 days, full of free workshops and not so free but still cheap animation showings.
It's the second day of the Festival and so far there have been some great animations.
My favourites include:
From International Program #1

Tom n' Jerry by Jin Sung Choi
A great piece, lots of explosions guns, plane crashes and a giant mech. Also; Flowers.

Red-End And The Seemingly Symbiotic Society by Robin Noorda & Bethany de Forest
This 14:45 minute long files was done ENTIRELY in stop motion. An amazing feat, especially considering that it features insects. ie; ants. Each ant has 6 legs and there are quite a few ants, so that's a LOT of work to do in stop motion.

La Main Des Maitres by Adrian Toupet, "CaYuS", Looky and Clement Delatre
A touching short about an urban resistance againt an oppresive (I assume) government. Very clean animation.

Taming The Cat by Jeonghee Kim
Not what you expect, it is hilarious by anyone's standards. Had the whole audience in stiches.
It features cool robots.

From Australian Panorama

Mi Amistad (My Friendship) by Katie Ryan
The animator of this great short was actually at the festival! It's about a simple friendship between two children of different cultures straining under external pressures and violent realities.

The Collectivity of Randomology by Pam Redford
The title should be self explanatory. The animator of this great short was also at the festival and she just finished her animation course at Charles Sturt University, the local uni.

From International Program #2

The Small Dragon by Bruno Collet
This is a very good short about a Bruce Lee action figure, and his exploits in the bedroom of the animator.
Also, he fights a robot.

The Bellies by Philippe Grammaticopoulos
An odd piece.
In a very industrialised world, humans only eat transgenic food. A CEO of one company makes a surprising and horrifying discovery. Then he dies.

Late Night Bizarre
Note: This program consits of all the animations too offensive, sexual, surreal or plain bizarre to make it into anything else.

CuteCuteCute by Clemens Kogler
Very good advice in this, when you look at it the right way.

Muzorama by La Station Animation
A great surrealistic piece. Very beautiful animation.

At the end of each night a raffle is drawn. The way someone enters is by buying a full festival pass, which is numbered.
The winner of each raffle is given a piece of animation or 3D animation related software.
Tonight I was the winner.
My prize was Autodesk Mudbox 2010

As you may guess, I am very pleased. Especially considering that this is worth US$745.00 off
At the current exchange rate that's $840 australian. I would never be able to buy that on my own. I got it for FREE.
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